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We want your feedback

RDECOM's mission is to empower, unburden, and protect the Warfighter to enable the dominance of the Army. Its vision is to be the Army's primary source for integrated research, development and engineering capabilities. To that end RDECOM has created this web site as a place for Soldiers and others who use the equipment we help make to tell the engineers and scientists of RDECOM equipment how to make it better. The Army's science and technology team wants that feedback because it wants to continue to create equipment that gives our Soldiers a decisive edge on the battlefield. No one knows that equipment better than those who use it every day. This site is an official web site of the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command and complies with all the standard privacy and security regulations . That does not mean it is a secure web site, or that what you submit is private or secure. You must assume it is not.

How this works

This page was created to be the easy-to-find front door for this process. However, any problem with Army equipment is a potential vulnerability an enemy can exploit. Therefore, when you click on the Response button below you will see the url for the classified site where you can submit any information you have. You will need to enter this url in the web browser of a secured terminal. Once there you will find a simple form to submit information you think our team needs to know.

If you do not have access to AKO-S, contact someone in your chain of command or email the RFAST-C Team.

Remember, the RDECOM team wants your feedback so we can build better equipment. Scientists and engineers are standing by. However, we do not want to pay too high a price for that information, so do not include detailed information about equipment flaws or vulnerabilities in an email or other unsecure communication.

    1. Do you have ANY concerns about ANY of your unit's vehicles and equipment?

    Please be specific and list specific NSNs and Serial Numbers as appropriate. If your concern applies to a vehicle system, include specific make/model info, LIN and/or VIN numbers and bumper number.

    2. Do you have ANY suggestions about a desired materiel capability that would enable you to better or more safely perform your mission?

    SIPR Response Button

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